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Watch the VIrtual Reality Nordic 2020 After Movie 

Virtual Reality Nordic 2020 is a one-day event dedicated to building the Nordic VR ecosystem by bringing innovators, futurists, and VR collaborators together.

After introduction of modern Virtual Reality solutions in 2014, brave pioneers have found unique ways to utilize VR to enhance their business. After years of constant development, VR has established itself as a powerful platform for B2B applications.

Now is the perfect time to get familiar with VR practices to discover new opportunities, engage your clients more than ever, train your employees, design machinery or a showroom and so much more.

  • Be a part of the Nordic VR ecosystem and catch up with the latest VR trends
  • Get inspired by the companies that already have implemented VR into their business and learn from their real cases.
  • Participate in a networking session and connect with the companies that use and develop VR applications
  • Develop your ideas in 2 exclusive workshops hosted by Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK) and VIRTU project.
  • Join the panel and get the answers you need to elevate your business from the industry professionals



Virtual Reality Nordic 2020 -tapahtuma tuo alan asiantuntijat Ouluun

Vir­tu­aa­li­to­del­li­suus-sana saa aja­tuk­set peli- ja viih­de­maa­il­maan.

Maa­il­maan, joka on ra­ken­net­tu ja jos­sa ih­mi­set voi­vat pii­pah­taa VR-la­sit sil­mil­lään…



Pelillisyydestä hyötykäyttöön

Hotelli Lasaretti Oulussa puhkui maaliskuussa innostuneisuutta ja ihmetystä, kun Virtual Reality Nordic 2020 -tapahtuma saattoi yhteen eri alojen ammattilaiset ja yritysjohtajat sekä alan viimeisimmät innovaatiot…



Sami Heinonen

Sami Heinonen

XR Evangelist


Sami is a true innovator with superb technical skills combined with business understanding with two decades of experience. Throughout his career, Sami has worked as a Customer Experience Designer, Service Designer, Full Stack Proto Developer, Extended Reality Strategy and Experience Designer in companies such as Visual Systems, Tieto, Nokia, Sanoma


Steven LaValle

Steven LaValle


University of Oulu

Steven M. LaValle is Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, in Particular Robotics and Virtual Reality, at the University of Oulu. He was an early founder and chief scientist of Oculus VR, acquired by Facebook in 2014. From 2016 to 2017 he was Vice President and Chief Scientist of VR/AR/MR at Huawei Technologies, Ltd. He has authored the books Planning Algorithms, Sensing and Filtering, and Virtual Reality.

University of Oulu - Oulun Yliopisto

Pekka Ouli

Pekka Ouli

eLearning Specialist


Pekka Ouli is eLearning wizard (specialist) and his passion is developing learning environments that use VR and AR. In POKE Vocational College they are running Digilab environment, where students are learning skills to utilize new technologies in projects with local companies like Valtra, Moisio Forest. Poke vocational college is also Microsoft Showcase school and Pekka Ouli is MIEE Fellow and Global Minecraft Mentor.

Jonas Rajanto

Jonas Rajanto

Virtual Facilitator & Trainer

Grape People Finland

Jonas Rajanto is a trainer and facilitator at Grape People in Helsinki, Finland. Jonas is specialized in remote meetings and virtual collaboration. He provides training and consultation for team leads, project leads, trainers, consultants, and any specialists who lead remote meetings. Jonas’ mission is to make remote collaboration feel as intuitive as working in the same room.

Kim Härkönen

Kim Härkönen

Technical Support Specialist


Kim has been involved in Virtual Reality technologies since the dawn of Oculus DK1. He has been involved both in the substance side while working with YMCA Finland developing VR applications for youth empowerment and anti-bullying, as well as on the hardware side in his current position as Technical Customer Service Specialist at Varjo Technologies. Finland-based Varjo is a unique player in VR/AR market making human-eye resolution VR and XR products that help professionals in the most demanding industries push the limits of what’s ever been possible.

Tommi Teronen

Tommi Teronen

Co-founder and design lead

Teatime Research

Tommi Teronen is a co-founder of Teatime Research Ltd and the chairman of board. He works as a design lead managing customer projects, UI/UX designs and the visual brand of the company. Teronen has a background in architecture and research. He is also a part of the housing design research group in Tampere University and a co-founder of Helsinkicollaborative.art. His motivation is to find real added value from XR-solutions when ever possible.

Iikka Finning

Iikka Finning

Area Product Owner


Iikka Finning is a driver of digitalization at Nokia. He has a background in mechanical engineering, complemented by few years of work in HW technology development and independent studies in psychology and communication. Currently he leads development of a system in which you can e.g. see radio waves and control physical things remotely via collaborative Virtual Reality.

Orkun Ceylan

Orkun Ceylan

Customer experience & marketing

3D Talo

Orkun Ceylan was born in Izmir, Turkey and has a background in communication and linguistics. He’s specialized in customer experience after becoming a team lead in the same project. As a professional of customer experience, he’s looking to develop ways to increase customer satisfaction while using VR solutions. He believes in the end-user integration in the early steps of VR projects and is seeking ways to create better communication between stakeholders. Currently he’s working with 3D Talo in customer experience & marketing and focusing on UX improvements on our VR solutions.

3D Talo oy

Jani Kaipainen

Jani Kaipainen

COO, VR Productions


Virtual Reality visionary, producer and entrepreneur. Jani works with the latest VR consumer & business technologies and brings you all the latest knowledge when it comes to VR and its future.

MeKiwi Oy

Natasha Skult

Natasha Skult

CEO & Creative Director, Academic / Teacher

MiTale, University of Turku

Natasha Skult is the CEO & Creative Director of MiTale, a game development company from Finland focusing on narrative-driven experiences in mixed reality. She is an active member of the Finnish games industry as Chairperson of IGDA Finland and board member of Neogames and Suomen Pelinkehittäjät Ry. She is one of the founders and elected Chairperson of The Hive – Turku Game Hub (game business center in South-West Finland). Besides industry work, she is active in academic research and teaches courses in game design and game (digital) art production at University of Turku.

Begüm Doğan

Begüm Doğan

Marketing Manager


Begüm Doğan was born in İstanbul- Turkey in 1989. She worked for Danish Bank Saxo Bank, and Polish online investment bank XTB‘s Marketing departments total of 6 years experience, as Marketing Manager and Specialist, responsible for the Turkish Market.

In 2017, she decided to chase her dream in Finland and moved in to her dream country. She continues her career journey at Mekiwi after 2 years as Marketing Manager, and leads Virtual Reality products’ marketing. She also takes part in b2b projects and is passionate about VR based solutions.

MeKiwi Oy

Niina Karvinen

Niina Karvinen

Business Developer

University of Oulu, Innovation Centre

As a business developer, an innovator and a digitalist with a heart of an entrepreneur, her passion is to help people and companies fulfil their impactful business dreams. Today she works as a business development specialist in an academic environment, coaching both researchers and students with their business ideas as well as building up an innovation centre in the University of Oulu.

She has worked over 15 years in international marketing and marketing communications, mainly in ICT field, helping both B2B and B2C companies to establishing their business, growing or heading to the international market. Her years in games have also helped her gain expertise in digital business and a continuing interest in future technologies.

University of Oulu - Oulun Yliopisto


08:30 Breakfast & coffee

09:00 Welcome Speech

09:15 VR-training for surgery - Kim Härkönen, Varjo

09:45 Keynote - Creating real business value with immersive technologies - Sami Heinonen, Zoan

Sami will talk about how to make the most out of Extended Realities, including Virtual Reality business opportunities, across all industries! During Sami’s presentation, you will hear valuable tips and interesting real-life VR-cases from ZOAN.

10:30 Break & Networking

11:00 VR opportunities and utilization in learning - Pekka Ouli, POKE

11:30 Remote collaboration in VR - Jonas Rajanto, Grape People Finland

Remote meetings have been possible for over a decade – and the software is only getting better. So why do we still travel for business in 2020? A face-to-face meeting still provides something remote meetings cannot – but we are at the cusp of a remote meeting revolution.

12:00 Lunch

13:00 VR cases with customer oriented approach - Tommi Teronen, Teatime Research

Recent use cases utilising virtual reality in projects with cultural approach, from entertainment to social impact. Insights from the design processes. What, how and why.

13:20 Utilizing digital twin of a laboratory in VR - Iikka Finning, Nokia

13:40 VR & 3D scanning in factory design: Ponsse Showcase - Tuomas Hirvonen, 3D talo

14:00 Possibilities and threats of A.I. in Virtual Reality - Jani Kaipainen, MeKiwi

13:20 OAMK/VIRTU Workshop

In collaboration with Teatime Research Ltd.
Perspectives – opening up the design processes

In the workshop we will take a closer look at the Perspectives productions (by Teatime Research) with the co-founder Tommi Teronen. Perspectives is a series of immersive journalism VR-experiences. The three episodes Aleppo-Helsinki, Sea level rise and Paradise are narrative experiences aimed for social impact through personal experience.

Storylines were developed together with the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yle. You will get a change to try the experiences in VR. In addition we will take a closer look at the design processes of these productions. The workshop is meant to be very informal and open, and will be based on free discussion over the subject in hand.

14:20 Coffee & Networking

15:00 Keynote - Challenges and Opportunities in VR - Steven LaValle, Oulu University

15:45 Panel discussion

Begüm Doğan, Kim Härkönen, Natasha Skult

15:00 OAMK/VIRTU Workshop

In collaboration with Glue

Workshop allows participants to learn more about Glue Collaboration platform.

Success in modern globalized business is based on collaboration. Effective collaboration requires true presence, which until now has been achievable only through face-to-face meetings. But face-to-face meetings also increase costs and carbon footprints due to business travel. The Glue platform provides shared virtual environments where participants are present as if they were in face-to-face meetings.

In workshop you can try out live connection between Oulu and Helsinki inside virtual meeting space with all necessary tools for presenting and co-working.

Joonas Rajanto from Grape People is also present and can tell more in detail about useful practices facilitating virtual co-working.

16:30 – 17:00 Networking & VR

Experience and Exhibition

EXPERIENCE AND EXHIBITION area is open  for the whole day between 8.30 – 17.00. Words are not enough to describe the immersion of extended reality. Our amazing exhibitors wish to present you a chance to experience it first hand.

about the organizer

Virtual Reality Nordic is organized by the digital agency MeKiwi oy.

MeKiwi oy

Mekiwi is a full stack digital agency, founded in 2014 in Oulu Finland and experienced in Virtual Reality with one of the biggest multinational VR developer team in Finland.

We are dedicated to provide unique Educational Solutions and Gamification experiences by the latest VR technology.

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